I  have been lamenting the demise of photography for quite some time now. A demise which I have attributed to the ease with which new technology allows the uninitiated to create their vision without the labor and craftsmanship that was required in the analog world. I will freely admit the snobbery that accompanies this lament, because I am one who paid the price of time, study, and toxic chemical handling, to slowly earn enough feedback to learn my craft. What occurred to me recently, is that I’m just bitter that I paid so steep a price for what essentially is technical knowledge, when the real reason I became a photographer was to express my vision. I believed that I saw beauty in strange things that others did not, and I wanted to express and share, and discover if others could understand that my vision represented a point of view worth presenting. Whether or not that vision required calculating reciprocity and employing the scheimpflug principal in the same exposure isn’t really relevant right now. I’ve decided to go back to shooting with a purpose, hoping that the ease of the process doesn’t get in the way of my vision.

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