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The Sound of Freedom

Working near an air force base, I hear a LOT of jet noise. Problem is, every time I hear it, I run outside and watch the jets fly around. Real productivity killer. Lest you find me lacking in discipline and … Continue reading

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Bringing Home the Condiments

While we are on the topic of birds, may I present my contribution to the world of Wildlife Photography. Serious wildlife photographers stalk their subjects for months, searching for the defining moment when predator meets prey, when the food chain … Continue reading

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Flipping the Bird

I hate crows. Crows and I have a history. Let me state for the record, however, that I am a friend of nature. Animals can usually sense that I am their friend and they accept me without judgement. Proof enough … Continue reading

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Dare To Dream

This is for all of you dreamers out there. You need to keep reaching for the stars. Aim for the clouds! Think big, dream big, you have what it takes! And someday, someday soon, even YOU will see your name … Continue reading

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