Brian’s Head Held Hostage: Day 19

Apologies to you, my loyal blog readers (BOTH of you!) for my lack of consistency in posting new content here. I refuse to turn this blog into a stream of consciousness repository for lame crap that happens to me, so sometimes there will be pauses that coincide with the less groovy moments that come along, and you should thank me for this. Now having said that, I’m going to describe some lame crap that’s happened to me.

Today is day 19 of some lovely infection in my head, and the main by-product is, my ears don’t work. Not only can I not hear, but my pulse is constantly pounding in my brain. Depending on the medication timeline, this is either a “whoosh-whoosh” or a “BA-BOOOM!, BA-BOOM!!”. In either state, it is cause for pretty much total insanity. When I sit at the computer to start any creative endeavor, I usually start with the whoosh- whoosh, thinking that I can produce stuff with just a little whooshing. Before I realize it, I’m stuck on something, and then all I notice is “BA-BOOM!, BA-BOOM!!”. BA-BOOM does not let me get anything done.

BUT this will pass, and even if it doesn’t, I will get back to posting stupid pictures and stuff real soon, because that’s what I do. Thank you for stopping by.

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2 Responses to Brian’s Head Held Hostage: Day 19

  1. rakel says:

    That’s some deep writing Brian. Ha ha. Seriously though, sorry to hear that. Is the medication effecting your blood pressure?

  2. griffbme says:

    If nothing else, I am deep. Not aware of any BP issue. Is that a common side effect for this kind of thing?

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