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It’s about the revenue, Stupid!

Dear Utah State Lawmakers, I hate to interrupt you while you are surely congratulating each other on the sales tax revenue¬†windfall¬†generated by your new firework laws, but before you make your final calculations, I would like to bring to your … Continue reading

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Just Barney

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Just a Little Fixer Upper…

I hang out in only the nicest places…

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The Gift of Communication…

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Behold, The Lens Cap of God…

    It is just hard being me. I’ve been wanting to do more timelapse photography lately, and when I saw a storm blowing in yesterday, I just HAD to grab the gear and zoom up to my favorite vantage … Continue reading

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Black Eyed Nellie…*

        A parade just has to have horses. Our local Fourth of July parade went a year or two without, and it was just not the same. No clip-clop on the asphalt. No pooper scoopers. No really … Continue reading

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Go Ahead And Grunt

Hey, I never claimed to be the smartest kid in class, but check this out.   This week I was privileged to have a lunchbox full of serious manual labor to do. I’m not in fantastic shape and I was … Continue reading

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