Go Ahead And Grunt

Hey, I never claimed to be the smartest kid in class, but check this out.


This week I was privileged to have a lunchbox full of serious manual labor to do. I’m not in fantastic shape and I was still sore from some misadventure last weekend, but I surprised myself when I realized that I was audibly grunting with effort. Seriously, for a minute I thought a women’s tennis match had broken out right there in the garage.


Apparently, this caused my sub-conscious mind some amusement, and later in the day it hit me: That’s why manual labor is called “Grunt Work” Because it makes you grunt when you do it. Right? I had never put the clues together before. I just thought that those of us doing this kind of work were called grunts just because, and thus the work was called Grunt Work. Am I the dumbest man on earth? Don’t answer that, but I’m curious if anyone else passed over that particular meaning.

Comment here please, both of you!

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3 Responses to Go Ahead And Grunt

  1. Andy G. says:

    Hey, clever! Maybe it’s hereditary, but prior to this insightful post, I believed the same. Good work, gumshoe!

  2. ok you crack me up! Have you always been this clever? thanks for sharing and also allowing me to giggle at your posts. by the way your blog is great and the pictures are super duper!!! what a talented guy.

  3. Linda Ord says:

    This is a little behind the times, but I have never even had a thought about Grunt work, and what’s more what difference does it make? yur sis L

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