Black Eyed Nellie…*

North Ogden, Utah ©Brian Griffin 2011





A parade just has to have horses.

Our local Fourth of July parade went a year or two without, and it was just not the same. No clip-clop on the asphalt. No pooper scoopers. No really cool cowboy hats.

I can’t mention parades and horses without remembering the year that in this same parade, the local “Senior Care Center” decided to put some of it’s more robust residents in a horse-drawn wagon, and let them smile and wave their way down the parade route.

Halfway through, (and right in front of me) both of the horses got spooked and started bucking and just generally acting like they wanted out of there. It was pretty intense, as the experts tried to settle the horses down, and the senior care center brought their van in and gingerly off-loaded the petrified seniors from the bucking horse wagon. I imagine they bee-lined it back home for a change of Depends.

Anyway, it was scary, but everybody was OK. And I think the appropriate amount of time has passed for me to be able to finally say:



* Black Eyed Nellie was Smiley Burnett’s horse.**

** I have no idea who Smiley Burnett was.

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