Behold, The Lens Cap of God…



It is just hard being me.

I’ve been wanting to do more timelapse photography lately, and when I saw a storm blowing in yesterday, I just HAD to grab the gear and zoom up to my favorite vantage point and see if I could photograph the next big thing. I just had to. (sigh)

The problem is, the sky is really big. I don’t know if you knew that. So there is some voodoo (re guessing) involved in choosing just where to point the camera, because hey, I’m no Dan Pope.

I played my hunches and composed my frame where I thought the real action was going to happen. At this point. I activated my timer (ok, for you smart folks it’s called an intervalometer) and started shooting one frame every 2 seconds.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this process, once you set your camera in position and start shooting, you can’t move the camera. You shouldn’t even touch the camera. Which will absolutely drive you CRAZY when cool stuff starts happening out of frame. Which it always does, if you are me.

Take last night, for example. After I had committed to my immovable view, clouds on the right dropped down and caught some incredible light. A few minutes later, a double rainbow appeared out of frame to the left. People, the brightest rainbow I’ve ever seen. Stevie Wonder could have seen that rainbow. Had my camera been pointed in the right direction, sheesh, I might have made the weather channel. Instead, I was shooting the only point in the sky that wasn’t interesting.

Now, I don’t want to be over-dramatic, but lately it seems that I’ve not been exactly lucky. So, I referred to this phenomenon as “The Lens Cap of God”, meaning that wherever I point my camera, God covers up the good stuff. Sooooo, even if it’s crap, I’ve decided to post at least two new photos per week here. Anybody want to schedule a portrait?

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