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It’s about the revenue, Stupid!

Dear Utah State Lawmakers, I hate to interrupt you while you are surely congratulating each other on the sales tax revenue windfall generated by your new firework laws, but before you make your final calculations, I would like to bring to your … Continue reading

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A Tribute to me…

Happy “International Everybody Let’s Tailgate Brian Griffin” day! You guys are so good at keeping secrets, I didn’t even know about it until I went for a drive today, and everyone on the road immediately jumped on my hiney. Especially … Continue reading

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Brian’s Head Held Hostage: Day 19

Apologies to you, my loyal blog readers (BOTH of you!) for my lack of consistency in posting new content here. I refuse to turn this blog into a stream of consciousness repository for lame crap that happens to me, so … Continue reading

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I’m like, hard of hearing.

So, the other day, I’m like walking through the Costco parking lot, and some guy across the way like yells right at me (inaudible something…sucks) and I’m like “what the” and he’s like all smiles and so I give him … Continue reading

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I  have been lamenting the demise of photography for quite some time now. A demise which I have attributed to the ease with which new technology allows the uninitiated to create their vision without the labor and craftsmanship that was required … Continue reading

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How to go from Mr. Rogers to Iron Mike Tyson in 10 short days

Ten days ago I was Mr. Rogers. I was rockin my sweater and slippers in my new neighborhood, the 11th floor trauma ward in a big-city hospital. My son had just miraculously survived a ridiculous auto accident, where an airborne … Continue reading

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