Just Barney

Newton, Utah © Brian Griffin 2011

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Just a Little Fixer Upper…

Hooper, Utah ©Brian Griffin 2011

I hang out in only the nicest places…

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The Gift of Communication…

Layton, Utah @Brian Griffin 2011

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Behold, The Lens Cap of God…



It is just hard being me.

I’ve been wanting to do more timelapse photography lately, and when I saw a storm blowing in yesterday, I just HAD to grab the gear and zoom up to my favorite vantage point and see if I could photograph the next big thing. I just had to. (sigh)

The problem is, the sky is really big. I don’t know if you knew that. So there is some voodoo (re guessing) involved in choosing just where to point the camera, because hey, I’m no Dan Pope.

I played my hunches and composed my frame where I thought the real action was going to happen. At this point. I activated my timer (ok, for you smart folks it’s called an intervalometer) and started shooting one frame every 2 seconds.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this process, once you set your camera in position and start shooting, you can’t move the camera. You shouldn’t even touch the camera. Which will absolutely drive you CRAZY when cool stuff starts happening out of frame. Which it always does, if you are me.

Take last night, for example. After I had committed to my immovable view, clouds on the right dropped down and caught some incredible light. A few minutes later, a double rainbow appeared out of frame to the left. People, the brightest rainbow I’ve ever seen. Stevie Wonder could have seen that rainbow. Had my camera been pointed in the right direction, sheesh, I might have made the weather channel. Instead, I was shooting the only point in the sky that wasn’t interesting.

Now, I don’t want to be over-dramatic, but lately it seems that I’ve not been exactly lucky. So, I referred to this phenomenon as “The Lens Cap of God”, meaning that wherever I point my camera, God covers up the good stuff. Sooooo, even if it’s crap, I’ve decided to post at least two new photos per week here. Anybody want to schedule a portrait?

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Black Eyed Nellie…*

North Ogden, Utah ©Brian Griffin 2011





A parade just has to have horses.

Our local Fourth of July parade went a year or two without, and it was just not the same. No clip-clop on the asphalt. No pooper scoopers. No really cool cowboy hats.

I can’t mention parades and horses without remembering the year that in this same parade, the local “Senior Care Center” decided to put some of it’s more robust residents in a horse-drawn wagon, and let them smile and wave their way down the parade route.

Halfway through, (and right in front of me) both of the horses got spooked and started bucking and just generally acting like they wanted out of there. It was pretty intense, as the experts tried to settle the horses down, and the senior care center brought their van in and gingerly off-loaded the petrified seniors from the bucking horse wagon. I imagine they bee-lined it back home for a change of Depends.

Anyway, it was scary, but everybody was OK. And I think the appropriate amount of time has passed for me to be able to finally say:



* Black Eyed Nellie was Smiley Burnett’s horse.**

** I have no idea who Smiley Burnett was.

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Go Ahead And Grunt

Hey, I never claimed to be the smartest kid in class, but check this out.


This week I was privileged to have a lunchbox full of serious manual labor to do. I’m not in fantastic shape and I was still sore from some misadventure last weekend, but I surprised myself when I realized that I was audibly grunting with effort. Seriously, for a minute I thought a women’s tennis match had broken out right there in the garage.


Apparently, this caused my sub-conscious mind some amusement, and later in the day it hit me: That’s why manual labor is called “Grunt Work” Because it makes you grunt when you do it. Right? I had never put the clues together before. I just thought that those of us doing this kind of work were called grunts just because, and thus the work was called Grunt Work. Am I the dumbest man on earth? Don’t answer that, but I’m curious if anyone else passed over that particular meaning.

Comment here please, both of you!

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Heavenly Art in abandoned building…

Hooper, UT ©Brian Griffin 2011

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The Tree of Life

Preston, Idaho ©Brian Griffin 2011

I’m sure those barrels are just full of yummy tree food!

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Wallpaper can transform any room…

Smithfield, Utah ©Brian Griffin 2011

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A Tribute to me…

Happy “International Everybody Let’s Tailgate Brian Griffin” day! You guys are so good at keeping secrets, I didn’t even know about it until I went for a drive today, and everyone on the road immediately jumped on my hiney. Especially  you, blue Hyundai dude,  5 feet from my bedonkadonk bumper at 80 miles per hour while talking on your cell phone. What a daring, yet stirring tribute to me, making a special day downright spectacular. Thanks everyone, and see you all next year!

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